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The leading purveyor of musical instruments in Singapore.

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Robert Piano Company Pte. Ltd. is a leading purveyor of musical instruments in Singapore. Whether it is the traditional piano or the latest innovation in digital sound, Robert Piano has a vast selection of fine instruments to meet every musical need.

The company, established in 1966, understands the importance of being customer-centric Firmly grounded on the principles of honesty and integrity, Robert Piano aims to provide its customers the most musical satisfaction possible with its robust experience in piano retailing and piano maintenance.

From a humble establishment at Tanjong Katong Road, Robert Piano has broadened its depth and reach to the local community with the implementation of a full set of services to provide a well-rounded music education. Today, the company runs music schools and a club exclusively for music teachers.

Robert Piano is the sole agent and distributor for KAWAI Musical Instruments in Singapore since 1971.

They have earned a hard-fought reputation as true innovators, leaders, and musical advocates, all while remaining family controlled and true to their core values.

Kawai is Japan’s second largest piano maker, and consistently in the world’s top 3 for volume. They are primarily known for their institutional uprights and grands; many universities, colleges, and music academies rely on Kawai pianos around the world to provide their students with consistent and satisfying practice tools, instructional grands, and concert instruments.

At this point in time, millions of people around the world have grown up playing Kawai pianos, and millions more are sure to follow..

The technology that supports the sounds produced by the Shigeru Kawai are created by the craftsman who have dedicated their lives to building the world’s finest pianos.

Every single step, each intricately detailed design, is performed without urgency – as our craftsmen draw upon their years of experience to achieve their relentless pursuit of perfection. It’s this good, old-fashioned care and great individual pride that enables our pianos to attract the greatest musicians from around the world.


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Piano Service

Piano tuning is the most common and most basic maintenance for any piano.  The frequency of such service is usually around every 6 months, although it may be shorter depending mainly on the amount of usage of that specific piano and also the environmental condition where the piano is placed.

Piano Moving

Moving a piano is totally different compared to simply transporting of home furniture.  Specialized care is needed when dealing with such a fragile instrument.