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The Best of Both Worlds

Acoustic piano or digital piano? For decades that is the question many pianists struggled with. Acoustic pianos have their benefits while digital pianos offer features acoustic pianos don’t have. Most pianists were forced to choose. Some chose the acoustic piano, and some opted for the versatility of a digital piano. Others found the perfect balance by owning one of each. Now, honoring tradition while embracing the future, Kawai has created an array of instruments for those who want the best of both worlds blended into one single instrument. Pianists can now explore new musical possibilities and create wonderful new music by employing the best attributes of Kawai’s heirloom quality acoustic pianos and award-winning digital pianos in a hybrid instrument. Kawai hybrids truly do provide the pianist with the best of both worlds.

Kawai offers a large selection of hybrid pianos – acoustic uprights with digital components, acoustic grand pianos with digital components, and digital pianos with elements found in acoustic pianos. Since the introduction of our first hybrid in 2007, Kawai hybrids have won more major international awards for excellence than any other maker of hybrid instruments. With almost a century of world-class quality and innovation in building pianos, Kawai opens new doors of musical expression with our line of hybrid pianos. As you explore these pages, may you find the Kawai hybrid that will encourage creativity, inspiration, and musical enjoyment.

Novus Series
AnyTime ATX4

Kawai Digital Hybrids

NOVUS NV10S Setting a new standard in hybrid pianos

Once again Kawai leads the industry by fusing the very best attributes of the grand piano with advanced digital sound technology. Uniquely Kawai, the Millennium III Hybrid Grand Piano Action serves as the centerpiece of the highly-acclaimed NOVUS NV-10S. Based on the action design of Kawai’s renowned GX Series Grand Pianos, the Millennium III Hybrid Action replaces traditional felt hammers with newly-developed composite equivalents that are individually weighted from bass to treble. Utilizing high-precision optical sensors, the instrument can read the subtle movements of each hammer in the creation of exceptional tone. With the industry’s only real grand piano hybrid damper mechanism and premium audio components, the NV-10S offers the demanding pianist the benefits of digital technology with the responsiveness of a fine quality grand piano.

NOVUS NV5S Another leap forward in hybrid technology

Borrowing the ultra-responsive Millennium III action from Kawai’s award winning “K” series professional uprights, modifying it with optical sensors and individually weighted composite hammers, a new hybrid is born.  Kawai’s NV5S presents pianists with the touch of an acoustic piano and the versatility of a digital piano – all in a stunning modern, compact cabinet. In addition, Kawai’s unique soundboard speaker system provides a warm, full, authentic piano tone. Further, Kawai’s exclusive hybrid damper mechanism is utilized to give pianists the feel of dampers lifting off the strings. The NV5 is the perfect fusion of old-world tradition and advanced 21st century technology.


Kawai Acoustic Hybrids ATX

Built upon the proud traditions of over 90 years of acoustic piano building, Kawai embraces 21st century digital technology resulting in a new line of hybrid pianos. The foundation of the new Kawai AnyTime Acoustic Hybrids is our renowned grand and upright pianos that have been the choice of discerning pianists for generations. By infusing advanced digital tone technology, these acoustic pianos can be played privately through headphones, anytime or anywhere without disturbing anyone. Ideal for apartment living or for homes where late night or early morning practice could disturb family members or neighbors, the AnyTime Pianos are the perfect solution for aspiring pianists who need “practice time” to be anytime.  

Moreover, there are 90 digital sounds built in, including electric pianos, organs, strings, choirs and more. On some models these authentic digital sounds can be blended with the acoustic piano for an exciting new playing experience. The integrated metronome is a vital practice aid, while the record function allows the pianist to save and send their music to teachers, family or friends. The PianoRemote app allows access to other useful features and advanced settings.  

Whether you are a seasoned professional, beginning student or somewhere in between, Kawai’s AnyTime grand, and upright pianos are the perfect vehicles for new voyages of musical creativity and expression.