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Shigeru Kawai. The Premier Piano of Japan.

See what these Well-known Musicians are saying

David Lanz


Grammy-nominated New Age Pianist, Shigeru Kawai Artist

Earl Wild


The Shigeru Kawai piano is unsurpassed in its craftsmanship and beauty of tone.

Dr. David Korevaar

Weil Professor of Piano, University of Colorado

David Korevaar, whose playing has been called a “musical epiphany” by Gramophone Magazine, performs an extensive repertoire as a soloist and chamber musician, and has been a guest artist with internationally-acclaimed orchestras and ensembles. His recently released recording of Bach’s Partitas captures his exquisite musical sensitivity and his finely tuned technique; it marks his 26th recording and his fourth dedicated to the music of Bach.

Joe Bongiorno

Solo Piano Artist/ Owner, Piano Haven Recording Studio

My Shigeru SK-7 has given me a whole new level of expression, control, tone & clarity that I never dreamed was possible. I am undoubtedly a better composer and performer because of this world class instrument!

Tanya Gabrielian

Concert Pianist, Shigeru Kawai Artist

Hailed by the London Times as “a pianist of powerful physical and imaginative muscle,” Tanya Gabrielian has captivated audiences worldwide with her gripping performances. She shot onto the international stage at the age of twenty with back-to-back victories in the Scottish International Piano Competition and Aram Khachaturyan International Piano Competition. Gabrielian completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Royal Academy of Music in London, originally studying both piano and viola.

David Hicken

Contemporary Pianist & Composer, Shigeru Kawai Artist

He studied clarinet, organ and music theory from a young age, performed in orchestras and choirs, and worked his way through examinations for the Royal Schools of Music.

Junko Ueno Garrett

Concert Pianist, Shigeru Kawai Artist

Japan-born Junko Ueno Garrett has captivated audiences around the world with her colorful tone, poetry, expressiveness, dynamic technique, and wide range of repertoire.

Dr. Scott Watkins

Associate Professor of Piano, Jacksonville

What sets this piano apart is its clarity of tone, the speed and smoothness of the action, and its ability to speak clearly in all dynamic ranges. Not all pianos can do that.

Adrean Farrugia

Jazz Pianist, Shigeru Kawai Artist

A perfect instrument for musical creation and expression, with a kaleidoscopic range of tonal colors and an action that is unsurpassed.

John Chen

Winner 2004 Sydney International Piano Competition

ohn Chen began piano studies in Auckland at the age of three. At age 18, he received his Master of Music from the University of Auckland under Rae de Lisle.

Michael Kieran Harvey

Concert Pianist

Michael Kieran Harvey was born in Sydney in 1961 and studied piano with Alan Jenkins, Gordon Watson, and at the Liszt Academy, Budapest, under Sándor Falvai. His career has been notable for its diversity and wide repertoire.

Dr. Grace Fong

Director of Keyboard Studies, Chapman University

Born in Los Angeles, Fong was a Trustee (full) Scholarship recipient at the University of Southern California where she completed a double major and minor. At USC, Fong was awarded the prestigious Renaissance Scholar Prize.

Yuko Maruyama

Jazz Pianist/Composer

The Shigeru piano is a chorus of voices with each one singing its finest performance. When I improvise, I know my sound is always there

George Kolasis

Expert Piano Technician

If you are looking for a truly elite, innovative and without question world-class concert quality instrument

Dave Bradshaw Jr.

Jazz Pianist, Shigeru Kawai Artist

Within 60 seconds of playing my Shigeru semi-concert grand, I knew I was playing the finest piano I had ever laid my hands on.

Hyeree Roux

Shigeru Kawai Artist

In playing a Shigeru Kawai, I have a ‘ . ‘euphoric oneness with the instrument. It is ‘ . ‘so responsive that it feels like a continuation ‘ .

Diego Caetano

Shigeru Kawai Artist

We dedicate our lives to seeking the perfect sound. Shigeru pianos make this possible and easier with their warm, delicate, yet powerful range of sounds and colors. It is always a pleasure to play a Shigeru Kawai piano.

Timothy Brown

Shigeru Kawai Artist

The piano has always been the soul of my being as a composer. The instrument needs to express my intent in both a dramatic and poetic manner. For this reason, I have always chosen the Shigeru Kawai.

Dr. Alexander Wasserman

Assistant Professor of Music, Reinhardt

As a concerto soloist, Dr. Alexander Wasserman has appeared with the Thousand Oaks Philharmonic (CA), the New Valley Symphony (CA), the Suburban Symphony (OH), The Santa Barbara Choral Society and Orchestra (CA),

Dr. Makiko Hirata

Shigeru Kawai Artist

Shigeru Kawai gives me access to the benevolent, expansive and healing sound world that I seek to deliver as an artist.

Dr. Andrew Parks

Shigeru Kawai Artist

I am truly captivated with the sweet voice of Shigeru Kawai. Its distinctive and unique tone color is spiritual bliss to my ears.