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Inquiry Form

If you have any questions or comments regarding Kawai musical instruments, please use the enquiry form below to contact the Kawai Japan Overseas Customer Support department.

Owner's Manuals

It contains owner’s manual PDF files for current and previous generation Kawai digital pianos.Novus Series

Software Updates

System software update files for Kawai digital piano, hybrid piano, and AnyTimeX instruments equipped with a ‘USB to Device’ connector are listed below. Please read the update instructions carefully before attempting to apply any software updates.

Software Downloads

Required for the VPC Editor and software instruments to be used simultaneously.

Bluetooth MIDI Information

Bluetooth MIDI allows Kawai instruments that incorporate the technology to communicate with smart devices wirelessly. Once connected to a supported phone, tablet, or laptop, Kawai digital piano owners can enjoy a wide variety of exciting music-related apps that enhance their learning and playing experience without requiring additional adaptors or cables.

Product Catalogues

It contains product catalogue PDF files for current and previous generation Kawai instruments.