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Piano Service

Piano Tuning and Servicing

Piano tuning is the most common and most basic maintenance for any piano.  The frequency of such service is usually around every 6 months, although it may be shorter depending mainly on the amount of usage of that specific piano and also the environmental condition where the piano is placed.  Other that the usual tuning, servicing such as regulation and voicing may be needed to maintain the piano at its optimal condition, especially to the expectations from the owner or player.

Piano Repair

Pianos comprise of many moving parts. At the point when certain parts of a piano are not working well, repair work may be required. Piano repair work includes substitution or repair of existing parts, while keeping the piano its planned unique condition.  Most normal piano repair work should be able to be completed at home, however for major repair work which falls under the piano rebuilding class, this ought to be performed in a completely specialised piano repair workshop, which we have!

Piano Polishing

Pianos are brilliant music instrument yet they are a potential dust magnet and can wind up with unsightly finger print sand stains after some time if it is not cleaned. Do not underestimate the harm that dust can create, it can be very abrasive and a small build up can leave scratches and scuffs if not carefully removed. Pianos come is different shapes and sizes/A grand piano require more cleaning and more care than your standard piano. The gloss of the piano can likewise have any kind of effect to how you clean it and the outcomes you get. Watchful cleaning is required to guarantee you don’t harm or blemish the surface.