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The Quest of the Artisan

A Unique Visit

The love of music-making runs deep in those who pursue the esteemed rank of Master Piano Artisan. For some, it is a visceral sense of calling that inspires this unique quest for mastery.

The road is long and arduous. One must prove himself worthy in the world’s most prestigious concert halls and international piano competitions. But, for those who attain it, the role of Master Piano Artisan provides the rare privilege of crafting the tools of endless possibility. Applying his own unique musical personality, the artisan transforms each Shigeru piano into a distinctive work of art, ready to discover its true and lasting voice at hands of the artist.

Enduring Honor

It was Shigeru Kawai’s wish that his honor would be upheld among all who enter into his legacy. For this reason, those who possess a Shigeru Kawai piano will receive an extraordinary visit from one of our elite Master Piano Artisans within the first two years of ownership. It will be our privilege to provide a complete concert-level regulation, voicing and tuning as our gift to those who have selected the Premier Piano of Japan.

Atsushi Komiyama

An accomplished trombonist and Master Piano Artisan, Atsushi is a distinguished graduate of Japan’s renowed conservatory, Musashino Academia Musicae.

Kazuo Goka

Cellist and Senior Master Piano Artisan Kazuo Goka has over forty years of experience as both an instrumental artist and piano craftsman.

Tatsuya Murakami

A professional cellist, operatic tenor and Master Piano Artisan who performs over twenty times a year in recitals and operas, with a full symphony orchestra.


The Art in Itself

The ability to select the right wood, the kind that can speak fluently in every dialect of emotion from fiery fervor to gentle whispers of tone, is an art in itself. Whether it is select spruce for the soundboard, premium mahogany for the hammers, or choice maple for the bridge, the material chosen for every distinct part of a world-class piano must be perfect for the task. Shigeru craftsmen have spent decades refining this uncommon ability to discern between the satisfactory and the sublime. It is this venerable wisdom, this intuition, that one can hear and feel in every note of a Shigeru piano.


The Tranquil Place of Origin

Time has little relevance in the creation of a Shigeru piano. There is no rush to completion. No pressure to perform, no demanding deadlines. Each artisan understands that the ultimate priority is perfection. This explains why every element of the crafting process is three to five times longer, and why the Shigeru workshop is a place of unruffled focus and serenity.

If there is an underlying secret behind the resonant song of the Shigeru grand piano, it is this tranquil place of origin where heart, mind and spirit are given the time to breathe and the freedom to soar.


A Limited Edition Treasure

The rigorous degree of handwork and use of specially chosen materials keeps these instruments rare in both character and quantity. Each Shigeru piano is a Limited Edition treasure, born to fulfill the lifelong dreams of the artist.