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Elegant form with exceptional tone

Its elegant form and exceptional tone will fulfill the needs of any professional teaching studio or intimate performance setting.


Quality tone and expression with the elegant grand-style design

The K-700 offers quality tone and expression, boasting Kawai’s traditional grand-style exterior design. The unsurpassed value will meet the demand of those who wish for a grand piano but have no space.


Utmost tone and responsive touch

The 134 cm K-600 have both utmost tone and responsive touch, perfectly expressing even small tonal nuance. The extraordinary capability fascinates demanding professional.


Expansive dynamic range and tonal richness

With its taller 130 cm height and well-designed scale, the K-500 offers a rare combination of power, dynamic range and tonal richness to meet the musical demands of any studio environment.


Grand-style design incorporated into the best-selling size

The uniquely practical 122 cm K-400 features a grand-style music rack that places music at eye level and provides a solid surface for sheet music and oversized music books. The dual-hinged fallboard adds to its distinctive appeal.


Successor of the award-winning upright piano

The K-300 builds upon the success of its award-winning predecessor, the K-3, that was named Acoustic Piano of The Year in four consecutive years. The K-300 proudly extends this distinguished legacy.